About Village Nutrition

CohensVillage Nutrition offers education, expertise, and quality products to assist  in acquiring and maintaining optimum health.

Village Nutrition began way back in 1966 as Joy Health Foods in Asbury Park, NJ with David's father, Mark Cohen.  Mark got tired of shoveling snow and decided to move the family to Florida in 1972.  With the change in location also came a change in name.  Joy Health Foods became Nutrition World and a chain of family - owned health food stores were formed that  continued to serve the east coast of Florida for over 36 years.

With the death of his father, David took over the original store and also became the originator of one of the earliest E-commerce sites on the Net.   For the next eight years,  David and his wife Cheryl were radio talk show hosts for Nature's Impact Radio in West Palm Beach and  Port St. Lucie, Florida and also hosted the Health Chat section of AOL for three years.  

As fate would have it, he and his wife took a trip to Hot Springs Village, Arkansas and were so impressed that they bought a house there.  After a year of traveling back and forth from Florida to Arkansas,  someone came into the Ft. Pierce store and made an offer that David just couldn't refuse and Nutrition World was sold that February.   David and Cheryl moved to their home in Hot Springs Village and retired...for three months.

Some things are just too hard to give up so they opened a tiny, little, 500 square foot store just outside The Village in August 2007 and the name changed yet again to Village Nutrition.  Okay, semi-retired...right?  It seems that this store was just not big enough so when the space became available, they moved again to a brand new,  bigger location across the street  from the old store.
David and Cheryl are proud to carry a full selection of supplements, grocery items, Health and Beauty products,  Green cleaning supplies,  Natural pet products,  frozen foods, dairy, and gluten - free foods. They strive to bring to their business innovative products at the best value and highest quality available while focusing on the individual needs of their customers.

The natural food business  is not just a business to the Cohens.  It has been a family tradition for over 43 years.  Their son Jared is the supplement buyer for Whole Foods in Palm Beach and their daughter, Michelle and her husband just moved to the Village last December to help run the family business and the saga continues...


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